Welcome to Customer Support

Who we are

The Customer Support team are a team of Support Consultants led by the Customer & Business Support Manager. We deal with issues that cannot be resolved using the online resources available at Aurion.com. The Support Consultants are skilled in:

  • answering questions on how to use the product
  • assisting customers with known issues
  • identifying and documenting complex product issues
  • keeping customers informed of progress of requests.

What we do

The Customer Support team is available to assist with diagnosing any defects or errors in the software identified by you, and that Aurion can replicate. We may also be available to answer queries that can’t be found in the documentation provided through Online Help, Aurion Support documentation, and other online resources. All contact with the Customer Support team is recorded via our online Support system accessed via the Aurion Product Support Portal. Your query will require the creation of a support ticket, and you will receive a unique Aurion Reference Number (ARN) to monitor and track the progress of your issue through to resolution.

How you access the Customer Support Portal

Go to http://www.aurion.com and click Sign In from the top right hand corner. Enter your email address (as your username) and password to log in. Once logged in, there is a wealth of information you can access from the drop-down menus across the top of the page:

  • Support
  • Software updates
  • Documentation
  • eLearning
  • Online Help
  • Training

We encourage you to explore the resources available to you and become familiar with how they can assist you in answering your questions

How you raise a ticket

From the dropdown menu, click Support. You will be presented with a list of categories to raise your ticket under.

Option Assigned To
My Pay Won’t Run* Customer Support
Request High Security Password* Customer Support
Support Portal Account Customer Support
MyAurion Access (Aurion Cloud Only) Technical Services
Database Refresh (Aurion Cloud Only) Technical Services
  • *Considered urgent and will be answered with the highest priority
  • *See Booking Consultants / Raising Aurion Service Orders (ASOs) if you need to book a consultation.

Each request has an automated workflow that assigns the ticket to the appropriate team, so we can assist you faster. Just pick the relevant request category and item, then fill out the necessary fields to submit your request. Should you wish to discuss implementing new functionality for your business, please contact your Account Manager and they will be happy to help.

What will happen next

Once a ticket is created, the system will automatically acknowledge receipt of the ticket. You will be contacted by a member of the assigned team to progress your enquiry. If the ticket is assigned to the Customer Support team, we will then work with the ticket reporter to understand the problem and identify a cause. If the cause is determined to:

  • be a software defect, it will be documented and the ticket (ARN) will be assigned to the Aurion Development team for further investigation/resolution.
  • not be a software defect, the Support Team will provide general advice and recommendations to assist you to resolve the issue. However, where the solution is more complex, requires customisation, or expert skills, we may refer the issue to one of our Professional Services Teams, or your Account Manager.

How we determine the cause is a software defect or not

We will work with you through the following process to determine if the reason for your issue is caused by a software defect:

  • Replicate the error within your (client) database
  • Replicate the error locally within an Aurion database
  • Determine if configuration could be a cause
  • Determine if data could be a cause.
  • What the status of a ticket means

After you create a support ticket, it can have one of the following statuses, depending on the work being done on it:

Status Explanation
Open Ticket raised To be reviewed and assigned to appropriate team.
Support Triage Ticket is with the Support team for investigation. If not able to be resolved, the ticket may be moved to Technical Services or Development team for further investigation. Or alternatively to Account Manager or Professional Services for a consultant booking.
Customer Ticket is currently with the customer for a response. If there is no response for a continuous 14 days, the ticket will auto-close.
PS Triage Optional step to progress from Support team for additional investigation or action by a member of our Professional Services team.
Dev Triage Issue is pending analysis or investigation with the Product Owner.
Software Change: Backlog This software change has been reviewed by our product development team and at this time has been accepted as a feasible update to the product. This ticket has been added to our software changes backlog.
Software Change: Future Enhancement Agreed that a software change is required. Accepted as a possible future enhancement that will require assessment before adding to the Aurion product roadmap.
Software Change: Declined This software change has been reviewed by our product development team and at this time we will not be making this change to the software.
Software Change: Confirmed This software change has been confirmed by our product development team for future inclusion in the Aurion product.
Released Issue has been resolved in a release and requires testing by the customer. These will automatically be updated to Resolved after 14 days. A new ticket is to be raised if further issues are identified.
Resolved Issue has been resolved by Support, Professional Services, or a software release.
Any Technical Services The ticket has been transitioned from the Support team and requires a Technical Services team member to investigate or action further.
Any Account Manager Escalated from Support team to clarify client requirements or discuss a Professional Services engagement with the client.

Software Change Backlog status

Once an issue has been updated with the status of Software Change Backlog, it will be added to the software’s list of issues requiring resolution – this is called the Backlog. The Backlog is then ordered and prioritised by Aurion with consideration to the complexity, severity, and scope of impact to clients. The Ordered Backlog of issues becomes the list of items worked on by our Software Operations team for the next available release of the software. During this process, the status will remain as Software Change Backlog until confirmed for version release. To have a ticket prioritised, please contact your Account Manager.

Escalating a ticket

We believe in offering a professional Customer Support service that treats all customers in an equal manner and accommodates their diverse needs. If there is the need to escalate within Aurion, then your Account Manager or the Customer & Business Service Manager would be happy to hear your concerns.

How a ticket is resolved

If the issue has been accepted as requiring a software change, the ticket will have the status updated from Software Change Backlog to Resolved when the updated version is confirmed by the Development team. The ticket will close automatically after 14 days, unless you make a comment on the ticket. If the cause of the issue was not a software defect, the Support team can offer general advice and recommendations, and where appropriate, an interim workaround solution to resolve the issue. However, where the solution is more complex, requires customisation, or expert skills we may refer the issue to one of our Professional Services Teams, or your Account Manager. Some common examples of causes and solutions are detailed in the table below.

Issue Cause Issue Solution Aurion Team Responsible
Software bug Document issue and reproduce incorrect results Customer Support
Aurion skills or knowledge gap (minor) Referral to Aurion.com documentation and location of online resources Customer Support
Change to configuration by customer Virtual consulting (remote support minimum of 2 hours) Professional Services
Updates to BPA by customer Short term ad-hoc engagements to troubleshoot Professional Services
Incorrect configuration of new functionality by customer Short term ad-hoc engagements to troubleshoot Professional Services
New functionality implemented by customer Short term ad-hoc engagements to advise on a specific requirement Professional Services
Data integrity of customer’s database Core HR, Payroll & Leave, and HR module health checks Professional Services
Aurion skills or knowledge gap (major) Onsite Training / Virtual Training / Customised eLearning Account Manager
Training Services Issues with the Aurion Belt As advised by Technical Services Technical Services
Network / Connection Issues As advised by Technical Services Teachnical Services
Technical Upgrade Support Support Short term ad-hoc engagements to support a specific requirement Technical Services

High Security Passwords

When you want to use a High Security function you must first contact the Customer Support team for a password to access that function and advise a reason. When you raise a ticket, we will confirm that you are authorised to request a password and then advise the password within the ticket. The issued password is valid for a temporary period from first entry. By contacting Customer Support, it also allows us to log any changes made using the password.

When we will notify you

The Customer Support team will send you updates for the following reasons:

  • Upcoming Software Releases
  • Incident Notifications
  • Compliance Notifications
  • Scheduled Upgrade Notifications for Aurion Cloud customers
  • Scheduled Outage Notifications for Aurion Cloud customers.

The notifications are only sent to those that have been authorised by your business – usually the Aurion Coordinator or Payroll Manager. Please let us know if any of your contacts change and we will update our systems accordingly.

Phone Support

We like to reserve phone support for urgent assistance (for example, if your pay won’t run). Phone support is available from Monday to Friday (excluding national public holidays) between 8am and 6pm (AEST). For critical issues, please call 1300 AURION (1300 287 466) Option #2.

How you can assist us

1. We can resolve your problem faster if all supporting information is included when a ticket is first raised. Please provide as much information as possible including:

  • screenshots of error messages
  • what steps you took to get the error
  • advise if you can reproduce the error
  • what you think has contributed to the error
  • what you expected the outcome to be

2. Please be patient with us. The Customer Support team deal with many different clients on a day-to-day basis, and we want to ensure we provide you with a holistic solution. We might ask some seemingly irrelevant questions at times, but it is always with the intent of ensuring we provide you with a complete solution.

3. Once an issue has been closed, we prefer you raise a new ticket rather than reopening a resolved one. If we need to, we can link the previous ticket and use this as a reference.

4. Keep us updated! If roles or staff change, please let us know. We endeavour to keep contact names and information up to date, but we need your help for this to occur.

5. Before raising a ticket, please ensure that you contact your Aurion Coordinator / System Administrator. We want to ensure that there is a central point within your business that is aware of the issues you are experiencing and can assess the impacts to your business. They might also be able to answer your question or advise that there has already been a ticket logged by another user.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the Customer Support team?

You must raise a ticket in the first instance and we will work with you from there. We like to reserve phone support for urgent assistance (for example, if your pay won’t run). For high priority items, you can contact the team on 1300 AURION (1300 287 466) Option #2.

What if I’ve forgotten my password?

The Login page has a link if you’ve forgotten your password. Enter your email address (as your username), then click Email me. A new password and link will be emailed to you.

Who is authorised to raise a ticket?

Anyone with access to the Customer Support Portal can raise a ticket, however, only those authorised by your business can request a High Security Password.

Can another person access my ticket?

You can add as many people as you like as participants of your request. From the request screen, just click the Share button and enter their email address.

Note: You can only add people who have a Support Portal account.

I’ve logged a request, now what do I do?

You will receive an email to let you know that the request has been created and includes an Aurion Reference Number (ARN). To update your ticket or respond to questions from the Customer Support team:

  • Log into the Aurion Product Support portal and click the My Requests link
  • Click on the required request, then respond to the ticket by adding a comment.

What timeframe should I expect my ticket to be actioned?

High priority items (My Pay Won’t Run and High Security Passwords) will be responded to within 1 hour. Other tickets that are more complex will take longer. This is due to the collecting of information and research that is required to eliminate causes and determine a complete solution.

Why is my ticket status “Software Change: Backlog” with no update?

Once an issue has been updated with the status of Software Change: Backlog, it will be added to the Backlog. The Backlog is then ordered and prioritised by Aurion for software development. As soon as the change to software has been confirmed in a release, we will update the status to “Software Change: Confirmed” and advise you.

How do I get a ticket prioritised in the backlog?

If you wish to have a ticket prioritised, please contact your Account Manager or the Customer and Business Support Manager. Any information you can provide to support the severity and scope of any negative impact will be helpful.

What is a Product Owner?

The Product Owner is responsible for translating the strategic direction of Aurion and the needs of our clients to deliver a product (the Aurion software) that meets these needs. They have the final decision on which features and enhancements are developed and released. Because Aurion has a variety of types of customers and users, the product owner must consider the impacts across the varying needs of the different types of users when determining which items to progress in development.

Where do I download software updates?

Go to http://www.aurion.com and click Sign In from the top right-hand corner. Enter your email address (as your username) and password to log in. Once logged in, from the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner there is an option to select Software Updates.

Why are you referring me to Professional Services?

At times, issues or questions will require expert help or advice that cannot be provided by the Customer Support team. In these circumstances, we believe the best solution is to refer your ticket to the Professional Services team for a consultation. Professional Services are dedicated experts and can deliver specialist, customised services in the following areas should you require them:

  • Data advice
  • Process advice
  • Software training
  • Technical advice.

What if I want to suggest a change to the Aurion software?

You can log a ticket and ask us to change the current behaviour of Aurion to enhance the software. The Customer Support team will work with you to gather additional information to substantiate your suggestion. Your ticket will then be forwarded to the Product Owner who will consider the impacts and accept or decline the request. If accepted, the enhancement request is either added to the backlog for prioritisation or added to the Aurion product roadmap.

Can I view other client’s tickets?

No. Due to data privacy, we are unable to provide this facility.

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