Aurion Payroll Outsourcing

Aurion delivers ongoing business improvement from a highly skilled onsite payroll outsourcing team with direct access to industry experts, allowing our clients to focus on other business priorities.

Located onshore and led by a team of dedicated payroll specialists, our secure outsourced payroll solutions will deliver a 100% correct, on time and compliant payroll, every time. We are committed to helping you reduce costs and ensure accuracy and timeliness with our automated payroll systems, giving you the freedom to concentrate on your core business operations.

Delivered through a variety of models to suit your business, our reliable payroll outsourcing takes the pressure off internal resources, freeing them up to focus on more strategic business activities.

Leave your payroll to the experts with Aurion Payroll Outsourcing.

Aurion Payroll Services

Paying your people accurately and on time is mission critical to any organisation. To Aurion it’s our core business.

We distribute billions of dollars of salary, superannuation and expenses every year to organisations large and small in government, public, not-for-profit and private sectors alike. More than 300,000 working Australians are currently paid by Aurion, and we are proud to deliver reliable, automated outsourced payroll services and software to businesses all around the country.

Aurion offers a secure, onshore presence for all data, infrastructure and our expert payroll team meaning everything is close to your business, not thousands of kilometres away in an offshore processing centre or public data centres.

All outsourced payroll customers get the powerful Aurion platform implemented and configured to their exact requirements, with the added benefit of our HR modules and employee self-service alongside our payroll, leave and timekeeping and analytics modules.

Rely on our experienced team of payroll professionals who can save you time and money with our tried and tested payroll software system.

Our Payroll Services Team

As part of your outsourced payroll, you’ll also have direct access to our expert teams, made up of industry leaders who collaborate closely to manage every aspect of your payroll. Get support whenever you need it from our three professional teams, dedicated to helping your business succeed.

  • Ensures full compliance
  • Provides independent audit and quality reviews
  • Reviews and improves your pay processes and efficiency
  • Your outsourced and payroll solution
  • Save time and money
  • Reduce risk
  • Efficient, expert, on-time payroll

Outsourced Payroll Solutions that Complement Your Business Model

Aurion Payroll Outsourcing is designed to work with your business, integrating seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and configured to your specific requirements. Our reliable payroll solutions make continuous business improvement possible by delivering a number of key advantages.

Reduced costs

Outsourcing your payroll means removing the need for dedicated payroll staff and IT infrastructure, reducing the costs of payroll software, labour and overheads. Aurion Payroll Outsourcing usually cuts the cost of in-house payroll by more than half, allowing you to redirect your expenditure to other priorities and focus more on your core business.

Increased productivity

Leave your time-consuming payroll management to the experts so your employees can better manage their time and workflow. This in turn leads to greater productivity as the time and resources normally spent on payroll are better utilised in other, more important areas that add real value to your business.

An accurate and on time payroll

With an automated outsourced payroll solution, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your people will be paid correctly and on time, every time, no matter how complex your pay requirements are. Our specialist payroll team has all the necessary resources at their disposal to ensure fast processing and 100% accuracy, meaning less risk and stress for you!

100% compliance

You’ll be guaranteed full compliance with all Australian legislation and fulfilment obligations. Our expert Governance team is dedicated to auditing and compliance and managing all legislative changes so you don’t have to, ensuring all your needs are covered.

Secure and reliable payroll processing

Our purpose-built, onshore pay environment secures and backs up your business’ vital information so it’s always on hand if you need to access the information. With reliable and stable data storage, local infrastructure and a dedicated team of payroll professionals actively processing and securing your payroll, Aurion is outsourced payroll your business can depend on.

Industry-leading support

Aurion Payroll Outsourcing is fully backed by expert support from our experienced payroll team. From assistance with your software to configuration and ongoing technical support, our local payroll professionals are on hand and available to help, when and where your need assistance.

Delivery Models

At Aurion, we understand that each and every business has its own needs and wants. Some organisations may be required to maintain full control over Payroll management, while others are only looking for software only. 

Our HR & Payroll software products can be provided across four service levels, giving you the flexibility to choose the model that works for your business.

This is the ideal solution for organisations that want to maintain complete control of HR and payroll services. Aurion’s software is installed on your infrastructure and is managed by your in-house team.

The next level of control, whereby your organisation looks after the HR and payroll service delivery, but reduces the technical risk by outsourcing software hosting to Aurion with an agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA) and fixed operating costs.

If you’re an organisation looking to a) outsource payroll administration and b) host the software with Aurion, then this is best option for you. Through our Administered service solution, Aurion will provide the delivery of disbursements, and system and payroll administration, while you will retain control of payroll processing.

Organisations that want to completely outsource their payroll function will choose this option. Aurion maintains responsibility for providing specialist payroll expertise, so you can rest assured your business won’t have to deal with non-compliance issues and changing government legislation.

To learn more about our products and services and how they can improve the way you do business, get in touch today and a member of the Aurion team will be happy to help.

Aurion Consulting

Aurion has technical and product consultants in most states in Australia who are experts in getting the best out of our software and how to configure to your specific business demands.

Complemented by expertise in Project Management, Change Control and Business Analysis Aurion is proud of having the best team of professional services experts in the field all with one purpose in mind – helping you get the most efficient HRIS and Payroll system for your exact needs.

Aurion Service Centre

The Aurion Service Centre is our fully integrated self-service online help portal:

  • Log, track and update support tickets – From any device you can create support requests, review progress and search through your outstanding tickets and update them as required.
  • Accessible anytime, from any mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop device, the Service Centre is secure and confidential.

Service Centre log in

Leave your Payroll to the Experts with Aurion

Aurion proudly pays Australian workers in 86 countries all around the world, issuing more than 6 million pay notices and $33 billion in pay every year. Leading the way in innovative HR and payroll solutions, we are committed to helping you significantly improve your business processes and drive continuous growth.

Our outsourced payroll solution makes it possible for you to put your payroll in the hands of the experts, ensuring accurate, compliant and on time pay delivery, every time. With a range of delivery models to complement your business structure and control requirements, payroll outsourcing is designed to take the pressure off your in-house team and enable you to focus on what you do best: your core business.

Whether you want to maintain full control of your payroll, outsource it completely or find a balanced middle ground, Aurion Payroll Outsourcing makes it easy for you to custom-build an effective, automated pay environment that will keep everything running smoothly.

You shouldn’t have to waste valuable time, money and resources making sure your employees are paid correctly. Leave it to the experts instead and let Aurion deliver a complete payroll solution that your business can depend on.


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