Aurion 11.87 Release Notes

18 September 2023
11.87 (Web) has been patched to 11.87.1 to correct an issue preventing the Self Service ‘Instruction Editor’ link from being displayed, if enabled via the ‘System Admin’ page.

See TTN-5424 for more information.

The ‘Manual Zip Install’, ‘Windows Full Install’ and ‘Windows Web Update’ download files have been repackaged to include Aurion 11.87.1 (Web).

29 August 2023
11.87 (Core) has been patched to 11.87.1 to resolve an issue introduced within TTN-3813. The field order caused issues for existing Update Person API (EMP_UPDATE_PERS) integrations which has now been resolved. See TTN-5417 for more information.

In addition, a spelling mistake within Modify Employee Leave Accrual API (LEAVE_ACC_MODIFY) has been corrected, details can be found within AUR-22259.

The ‘Manual Zip Install’, ‘Windows Full Install’ and ‘Windows Core Update’ download files have been repackaged to include Aurion 11.87.1 (Core).

08 August 2023
We are pleased to announce the release of Aurion 11.87.

Important Notes

Upgrading to Uniface 10?
See the Uniface 10 Upgrade page if you are also upgrading to Uniface 10.

Release Highlights

We have streamlined the method of verifying the split of financial years reported to the ATO via the STP2 payloads. Now, it is easier than ever to view and extract your Lump Sum E payments by impacted financial year. A new Lump Sum E Breakdown list is available within STP Payee details, and you can now use the Query Tool to readily extract this data.

See AUR-22221 in the Release Details section for further information.

When processing the ER246_SAFF superannuation output file, employees with Defined Benefits can now have their registration details included. This change was made to ensure that the data produced can be provided for SuperStream reporting requirements. The additional data can be made optional to include each time this file type is run.

See AUR-22214 & AUR-22222 in the Release Details section for further information.

We have introduced the ability to add employees not on Leave and Payroll in the Schedule of Hires & Changes. This enables any type of unpaid employees, like a contractor or volunteer, to be loaded via the schedule and then onboarded using Aurion’s onboarding feature.

See AUR-22213 & TTN-5368 in the Release Details section for further information.

Expedite your recruitment implementations and migrations process with this new feature. Locate the data you need, when you need it. Our new Recruitment Export & Import Wizards lets you import/export any recruitment component that you need.

See TTN-5373 in the Release Details section for further information.

Find the answers you need about your WGEA and MOHRI report processing. We have expanded our Online Help documentation library to offer more comprehensive details on the computations used by the WGEA and MOHRI report.

See TTN-5357 & TTN-5367 in the Release Details section for further information.

With the addition of ‘employee not on leave/payroll’ to the Schedule of Hires & Changes, visibility of onboarding status has improved. A new status column has been added to the grid. This makes it much easier for users to see when action needs to be taken.

See TTN-5369 in the Release Details section for further information.

Manual Zip Install

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Windows Core Update

Windows Web Update

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Release Contents

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Binary Name MD5 Checksum 7ba752b63dff87289a9def0d3375c89c
aurion_suite_11.87.1.23.exe 59b7f2f4ace947dca35380facced5858
aurion_core.msi 7d96021641355dd5f83fd99ff303a7cd
aurion_web.msi 8f38b48be0fcb1f462c597c2e598320b

Ready to Download?

  • Manual Zip Install – See the Zip Manual Installation Guide section in the Core online help for manual installation instructions
  • Belt Users – if you are currently using Aurion’s Belt Management Dashboard, updates can be download and managed directly through Belt (see the Windows Installer section in the Core online help and the Belt help which is available from the Belt interface)
  • Windows Full Install – for installations without internet access, the full offline suite installer provides all the necessary components for a complete Aurion installation
  • Windows Core/Web Update – the smaller msi installers can be used to add the new version of Core or Web to an existing offline windows installation.

Make sure you read the “Release Details”  and “Known Issues” sections below thoroughly so you fully understand the impact of all changes in this release.
Please contact Aurion Support if you have any concerns or difficulties with installing this release, or any suggestions for improvements.

Framework Versions

The framework versions that you require for 11.87 are:

  • Uniface
  • Belt 1.14.0
  • Node.js 16.20.1
  • Tomcat 8.5.86
  • DLM 9.1.0.

Go to the Framework Updates page or Belt Updates page to download these updates if required.
For Linux/manual installations use the zip file.
For Windows Belt installations that don’t have internet access use the msi file.
See the Web Node.js Framework Update Core online help topic for more information and installation instructions for updating Node.js.
DLM updates are performed automatically for Belt users. For other users, updated DLM files are included in the Uniface update files.

Release DetailsDownload Release Notes

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ComponentIssueSummaryIssue Details
APIAUR-22184Allow SEC_USER_UPDATE API to nullify Person Number (WAMI)Description
The 'Update Security User' API (SEC_USER_UPDATE) did not previously allow for the removal of Employee (EMPLOYEE_NO) or Person Number (WAMI_NO) fields.

The Update Security User API has been changed to permit a value to be entered for parameters EMPLOYEE_NO and/or WAMI_NO.  

The API function SEC_USER_UPDATE API has been enhanced to allow the removal of stored Aurion numbers from security user detail records by recording the text in either the 5th field 'EMPLOYEE_NO' or the 6th field 'WAMI_NO' of the API line.
APIAUR-22205Enhance PAYROLL_SUPERADJ API to add payroll transactionsDescription
Customer requests were received to amend the Capture Superannuation Adjustment API (PAYROLL_SUPERADJ) to create payroll transactions where a matching value does not exist.

The Capture Superannuation Adjustment API has been enhanced to now add a payroll transaction for the superannuation membership (if the basis is 'Fixed Amount') where an existing payroll transaction cannot be found. Also, a zero value for the AMOUNT parameter is now allowed.

Customers will now be able to use this functionality to bulk load new fixed amount Superannuation adjustments to Employees' current Pay Records.
APIAUR-22215PAYROLL_SUPERADJ API creates Pay Record for terminated employeesDescription
Previously, when using the Capture Superannuation Adjustment API (PAYROLL_SUPERADJ) to load transactions for terminated employees, it was required to manually create the necessary Pay Records.

The PAYROLL_SUPERADJ API has been changed to allow adjustments for terminated employees.  For terminated employees only, the effective period can be in a past pay period if there is no existing transaction previously processed for the effective period using the same deduction code. 

The enhanced capability to generate adjustment transactions in bulk for terminated employees will be advantageous for users.
An issue was identified with the Tax Details API (PAYROLL_AUS_TAX).  Specifically, certain imported fields were being rounded up, resulting in an error during tax calculation.

The PAYROLL_AUS_TAX API has been updated to eliminate the size limits for the following input parameters:
Furthermore, the message text generated by the PAYROLL_AUS_TAX API and PAYROLL_NET_BANK API has been modified. When an employee security access check fails, the message will now display as "You do not have security access to selected employee" instead of "You do not have security access to the selected option."

The PAYROLL_AUS_TAX API has been updated to eliminate the input parameter size limits for PEGGED_VARY_AMOUNT, PEGGED_VARY_PERCENT, PROTECTED_EARNINGS, and WEEKS_FOR_AWE.
APIAUR-22223Fix PLACEMENT_ADD API not reporting error reason when rate cannot be determinedDescription
A Customer reported the Add Placement API (PLACEMENT_ADD) was not producing an error message when the classification had no rate effective on the Date Effective of the Placement.  The Schedule of Hires and Status Changes (EC238_SCHED_SLCT) also encountered a similar issue when hiring or re-hiring, specifically when the Classification did not have a rate specified on the Date Commenced.

A software change has been made to resolve and correct these issues.

When running the PLACEMENT_ADD API, an appropriate error reason is now displayed when a Classification's Placement does not have a current pay rate, as at the date of loading in a placement.
APIAUR-22259Fix LEAVE_ACC_MODIFY API for Previous Accrual Date To typoDescription
Within the Modify Employee Leave Accrual (LEAVE_ACC_MODIFY) API, a fieldname contained the spelling mistake: 'PREV_ACCURAL_TO' which prevented this field from updating correctly.

This fieldname spelling has now been corrected to PREV_ACCRUAL_TO.

Updates can once again be made to this field, including using < NULL > to blank the date value.
APIAUR-7031Change Pay Branch APIDescription
An enhancement request was received to provide an API that performs the same function as the Change Employee Pay Branch Task (EC858_TK_PBR).

A new 'Change Pay Branch' (PAY_BRANCH_CHNGE) API has been added.  See Online Help for more information on this API's functionality.

Customers can now bulk change employees' Pay Branch/s.  In addition, as Timekeeper Rulesets are matched to Employee's via their Pay Branch, this API also provides the ability to bulk move Employees from one Timekeeper Ruleset to another. 
APITTN-3813Add "Known As" to Update Person API (EMP_UPDATE_PERS)Description
Several requests were received for additional fields within the Update Personal Details API (EMP_UPDATE_PERS).

The Update Personal Details API now includes these additional fields:
  • Known As (T000F230_KNOWN_AS)
  • Recruitment Participant (T000F100_PARTICIPANT_FLAG)
  • Training Presenter(T000F095_PRESENTER_FLAG)
Customers will benefit from an enhanced Update Personal Details API.
APITTN-4879Provide APIs for the dependent recordsDescription
Aurion received a request to implement bulk processing of dependent records. This feature aims to substantially minimise the monthly data entry workload required by that customer.

New APIs have been developed to enable bulk processing when Adding, Modifying, and Deleting dependents.
Customers will gain advantages from the new capability to perform bulk processing of dependent records. 

See 'Online Help > API Reference > Personal' for further information on these new APIs.
APITTN-5400Remove edit check on SERVHIST_UPDATE API to allow loading of zero hoursDescription
Within Aurion Core, users could manually add a Service History record where Hours Per Week is zero. However, attempting to load the same record through the 'Add or Update Service History' API (SERVHIST_UPDATE) results in an error.

The 'Add or Update Service History' API (SERVHIST_UPDATE) has been modified to allow for loading of zero hours in the Hours Per Week Field.

Users can now enter 0 hours in the Hours Per Week field of the 'Add or Update Service History' API.
APITTN-5404Update SEC_CLR_ADD to show API status and API message in outputDescription
When the Add Security Clearance Details (SEC_CLR_ADD) API was run via the Text File To API Import task (ER250_API_IMPORT) the Notepad / CSV output of this API did not include a status code or message.

A software modification was implemented for this API, enabling the inclusion of a status code and message in the generated output.

The Add Security Clearance Details API will now present a success or fail indication within the Notepad/CSV output, when run through the Text File to API Import task.
APITTN-5417Move Known As, Presenter Flag and Participant Flag to end of EMP_UPDATE_PERS APIDescription
Due to an software change implemented in TTN-3813, new fields that had been added to Update Person API (EMP_UPDATE_PERS) caused issues for existing integrations, when the API was imported via a flat file.

Within the API, the fields labelled as 'Known As', 'Presenter Flag', and 'Participant Flag' have been relocated to occupy the final three positions of the API's field sequence.
Customers may need to review any previously implemented changes made due to TTN-3813.
BELTDRM-1355Shorten shortcut target path in BELT for Aurion.exe and Highsec.exeDescription
In some circumstances, Belt shortcuts to the Aurion application could contain very long target file paths.

This Belt update allows the use of the /asn switch without requiring the full path to locate the Aurion.asn settings file. Instead, the program will utilise the /adm switch to locate this file.

Shortcuts to the Aurion application will now be shortened, for example:

\\BINPATH\Aurion.exe /adm=\\ASNPATH\ /asn=\\ASNPATH\Aurion.asn
\\BINPATH\Aurion.exe /adm=\\ASNPATH\ /asn=Aurion.asn
BPATTN-5354BPA read/write to/from File Location - XML filesDescription
Building upon the new functionality introduced in 11.86 (TTN-5105) relating to BPA 'Read' and 'Write' File operations. To allow for future web calls, it was necessary to provide additional functionality to both read and write JSON and/or XML file formats.

The BPA Editor's File Read panel has been enhanced to provide:
  • File Type options of JSON and XML
  • A 'Show Data' option, that applies to all File Types, to display the first 1000 characters within the message frame.
  • An 'On Error' option, when Aurion cannot open the specified file, or parse the specified XML/JSON file.  

The BPA Editor's File Write panel has been updated to:
  • Read and process JSON and XML files, using the following new functions:  
    • A new 'Struct' workspace variable data type
    • 'transformJsonToStruct' and 'transformXmlToStruct' - convert data loaded from JSON and XML into Struct workspace variables
    • 'getStructCount' - obtain the number of Struct Nodes in the specified Struct or Struct Collection.  
    • 'getStructView' - obtain a string that visualizes the specified Struct or Struct Collection.
    • 'getItemFromStruct' - obtain the value for a specific 'Member' in the specified Struct Node.
    • 'getListFromStruct' - obtain an associative list containing the values for all 'Members' in the specified Struct Node.

  • Write JSON and XML files from the contents of workspace variables, using the following new functions:
    • 'createStruct' function - creates a new stand-alone Struct Node, and optionally populates with members and data.
    • 'appendStructToCollection' - appends a Struct Node, making it a 'Child' Node to a 'Parent' Struct Node, thereby building a data structure.
    • 'transformStructToJson' and 'transformStructToXml' - convert the Struct data structure into an JSON or XML, for output to a file.
The BPA Editor's Function Help popup has expanded to include:
  • 6 new functions - 'From XML and JSON Files' folder
  • 6 new functions - 'To XML and JSON Files' folder
  • 12 new 'Struct' functions

Aurion's BPA Processing has been extended to read and process JSON and XML files, using new functions that:
  • Convert data loaded from JSON and XML into workspace 'Struct' variables (which provide a structure of nested 'Nodes'); and
  • Extract the contents of specified Nodes, either individually or as a list
BPA Processing has been extended to write JSON and XML files, using new functions that:
  • create new Nodes, and optionally populate them and data;
  • append a 'Child' Node to a 'Parent' Node, thereby building a complex nested data structure; and
  • convert the Node and data structure into an JSON or XML, for output to file.
BPATTN-5358Advanced text wrapping for 'Read File', BPA elementDescription
The BPA Read element did not previously accommodate for delimited files which were not strictly wrapped.

Aurion's Text Driver in BPA has been enhanced to add a new operation, for use when a cell in a delimited file is wrapped only when (a) the cell is empty, or (b) the cell's data contains a comma.  The BPA Runtime service has also been updated to use the new Text Driver operation when loading data from delimited files.

BPA's reading of delimited files has been enhanced to accommodate for cells which are not strictly wrapped.  Also, performance improvements have been made and processing should be considerably faster. 

See 'Online Help - Event Ruleset Process Reference - Read File Contents' for further details on this change.
Core FrameworkAUR-22207Remove trial pay error message on pay record costing tabsDescription
Where a Pay Summary was unavailable for a selected Pay Record (EC222_PAYRE_LIST), selecting either the Costing Breakdown tab (EC583_BREAK_LIST) or the Other Transactions tab (EC626_OTHER_LIST) prompted the appearance of a warning pop-up message that stated, "Please run a Trial Pay for this employee before viewing."  This resulted in the warning message being displayed overly frequently to system users.

A software modification has been implemented which prevented the display of the Trial Pay warning message when transitioning between records. As a result, the Costing Breakdown and Other Transactions tabs will now show empty fields if a Trial Pay has not been conducted for the currently selected or future Pay Record.

The Trial Pay warning message will continue to be displayed if any action buttons are clicked where a Trial Pay has not yet been performed for the selected Pay Record.

Customers will experience fewer on-screen Trial Pay warning messages when transitioning between the Costing Breakdown or Other Transactions tabs, resulting in a more streamlined user experience.
Core FrameworkDRM-1432Improved input validation for email addressDescription
Previously in Core, a person's contact Email Address (T000F160_EMAIL_ADDRESS) was not validated to be in SMTP/POP format. This was due to Aurion traditionally supporting many mail protocols.

A software change has been made to now validate Person and Employee type T000_WAMI records. For External Organisations, this field is labelled "Email / Web Site". 

Impacted Core Forms:
  • Start an Employee (EC122_STEMP_DET)
  • Personal Details (EC141_WAMI_DET)
  • Schedule Start Employee (EC251_SCHEDSTART)
  • Contact Detail (EC406_ENQ_DET)
  • Customer Contact Detail (EC968_CTACT_DET)
  • Applicant Detail (EC882_APCAP_DET) - Email is used when creating a T000_WAMI record.
  • Candidate Personal Details (ECE01_WCPER_DET) - Email is used when creating a T000_WAMI record.
Impacted Interfaces and API's:
  • Start Employee (Not on Payroll) Import (ER213_ADDEMP_IMP)
  • Start Employee Not Leave/Payroll API (EMP_START_NONPAY)
  • Update Person Import (ER215_UPDPER_IMP)
  • Update Personal Details API (EMP_UPDATE_PERS)
  • Add Person (non Employee) API (PERSON_ADD)
  • Schedule Start New Hire API (EMP_SCHEDNEWHIRE)

In Core, a person's contact Email Address (T000F160_EMAIL_ADDRESS) is now checked as being in a valid email format.  This validation also removes and prevents dangerous or malicious script from being injected.
Core FrameworkTTN-5332Create a view only version of Doc List EC117Description
A customer enhancement request was received to provide view-only access to the existing Documents task (EC117_DOC_LIST).

A new 'View Documents (EC247_DOC_VIEW)' security task has been created, providing view-only access to the Documents list and detail forms.

Document security has been enhanced with the ability to grant view-only access to documents.
Core FrameworkTTN-5368Add onboarding button to new panels in EC238 Schedule of Hires and ChangesDescription
In order to facilitate the hiring of 'Non Leave/Payroll' employees as part of AUR-18137, a new onboarding option was necessary.

An Onboarding button has been added to the new Non Leave/Payroll hire panels, located within the Schedule of Hires and Changes screen.

When Customers hire "Non Leave/Payroll" employees through the Schedule of Hires and Changes, they will also have access to a new "Onboarding" button.
Core FrameworkTTN-5369Add 'Onboarding Status' to the grid panel in EC238Description
In order to enhance the management of onboarding employees, there was a requirement for a more convenient method to quickly review the onboarding status of scheduled employees.

A new column named 'Onboarding Status' has been introduced into the Schedule of Hires List panel. The presence of this column is contingent upon the activation of the Onboarding Module through your Software Enabled Key (SEK).

Furthermore, a new status called 'Not Completed' has been incorporated into the Onboarding process. This status will be triggered if a record has been committed to payroll while the onboarding status remains incomplete.

See 'Core Online Help - Onboarding Scheduled Employees' for more details.

The Schedule of Hires and Changes now includes a column in the list panel to indicate the onboarding status of each record.  Non-hire type records, such as Status Changes or Terminations, will have an Onboarding Status of 'Not Applicable'.
Election Resource ManagementDRM-1471ERM Modal UI IssuesDescription
When mandatory search filters on ERM modal windows were not applied, any error message were incorrectly displayed behind the modal. This effectively made the message hidden to the user and prevented them from understanding why the search was not working.

A software update was made to ensure that alerts and warnings are displayed in front of the modal window, instead of behind it. Additionally, on screens where the modal button bar contains no buttons, the button bar will be removed completely.

No impact.
InterfaceAUR-22042Enhance Beam notifications to store responses for reportingDescription
Previously, there was a limited ability to report upon Beam notifications received, using Aurion Query Tool.

Aurion has increased its capacity to access Beam notification information.

Specifically, several new non-database fields have been introduced to the T703_BEAM_NOTIFICATIONS entity, allowing Query Tool to offer improved Beam notification reporting.

See Core Online Help - Beam Processing (Beam Notifications section) for further details.

Customers will benefit from Query Tool's enhanced ability to report upon Beam notifications received.
InterfaceAUR-22214Enhance ER246 SAFF file for Defined Benefits employee detailsDescription
To adhere to SuperStream reporting standards, the output file produced by the SuperStream Alternate File Format (ER246_SAFF) required the inclusion of data relating to employees with Defined Benefits funds.

The SuperStream Alternate File Format (ER246_SAFF) interface has been enhanced to:
  1. Include additional required information for Defined Benefits funds.
  2. Include the option to report Original Date Commenced as Employment Start Date
  3. Include the option to allow negative values to be reported within the interface.
Customers will experience enhanced compliance with SuperStream reporting standards regarding Employees with Defined Benefits funds.
InterfaceAUR-22222Provide ER246_SAFF Defined Benefits Registration details optionDescription
Previously, the SuperStream Alternate File Format (ER246_SAFF) batch process did not include an option to include the defined benefits registration details.

The SuperStream Alternate File Format batch process parameter form has been enhanced to include a new "Include DB Registration" option.

Customers using this task now have enhanced control over the inclusion of Defined Benefits Registration field columns in the output.
InterfaceAUR-22234Permit only letters, numbers and spaces for CommBiz payments.Description
When running the CommBiz New Zealand Interface (EV503_COMMBIZ) or the Employee Direct Advance (EC585_DIRECT_ADV) with the Bank File 'NZ Commbiz Non CBA Payment Request' option selected, the resulting output included characters other than the permitted letters, numbers or spaces. This did not correctly adhere to the CommBiz Non-CBA Payment Request specification documentation.

The Commbiz New Zealand Banking Interface has been amended to remove invalid characters from the fields 'Beneficiary Account Name' and 'Beneficiary Address Line 1', including "/".

Improved success rate when uploading files produced by the CommBiz New Zealand interface.
LeaveAUR-21647Process State based Long Service Leave from rostering system importsDescription
We received customer requests to enable the importation of State based Long Service Leave (LSL) takings from 3rd party rostering systems, ensuring that all leave entries are consistently entered into Aurion. State based LSL is where the Award Leave Type's 'Vary Accrual' setting is either VLSL (Victoria), QLSL (Queensland), TLSL (Tasmania), SLSL (South Australia), WLSL (Western Australia), NTLSL (Northern Territory), ALSL (Australian Capital Territory), or NSLSL (New South Wales).

Aurion has been enhanced to process State based LSL leave takings through both Timesheet and Timekeeper forms.  In addition, Bulk Transaction Input and Employee Bulk Input forms can now also process State based LSL Leave takings.

The following tasks are now capable of processing leave takings for State based LSL award leave types:
  • Timekeeper Timesheet (ECH08_TK_LIST)
  • Timekeeper Import (ER050_TK_IMPORT)
  • Pay Records Timesheet (EC699_TIMESHEET)
  • Bulk Transaction Input (EC330_BULK_INPUT)
  • Employee Bulk Input (EC910_TIMESHEET)
  • Self Service Timesheets
Furthermore, the following APIs have been enhanced to support the processing of leave takings specifically for State based award leave types:
  • Add Timesheet Work API (PAYROLL_TS_ADDW)
  • Add Timekeeper Line Times In Row API (PAYROLL_TK_ADD)
  • Add Timekeeper Line HoursInRow API (PAYROLL_TK_ADD2)
  • Add Work Transaction API (PAYROLL_ADDWORK)
Customers will benefit from the ability to import and process State based Long Service Leave takings via 3rd party rostering systems.
MobileDRM-1518Incorrect links to Aurion and Google Play stores when trying to install the Aurion AppDescription
While registering your mobile device for the Aurion Mobile App in ESS, two images with links to the Apple and Google Play App stores were displayed. However, when clicked, these links did not properly redirect to the Aurion application installation page.

The Aurion Mobile application links have been fixed, to direct users to the correct App store pages.

No impact.
PayrollAUR-22221Provide better reporting of STP2 Lump Sum E'sDescription
Lump Sum E payments are reported by Aurion to the ATO directly via the STP2 payload.  However, there was no simple method to review or report upon the distribution of Lump Sum E across financial years.

To resolve this issue, the following software changes were made:
  • A new table T55K_STP_LUMPE_YEARS has been added to store Lump Sum E records.
  • The Generate STP Payload process has been changed to generate T55K records.
  • A new STP Payload Detail Form (EC453_STP_PYED) 'Lump Sum E Breakdown' section has been added to display Lump Sum E amounts for individual employees by the financial year reported to the ATO via STP.
  • Aurion Query Tool has been updated to access this information via a new security task 'EB55K_QUERY'

In addition, a new STP 2 Reassess Lump E Years (EV504_STP_LUMPE) fixup task has been added to reassess STP2 Lump E years records for existing STP Payloads.

Customers can now view or report upon Lump Sum E records, including the amount processed through payroll versus the amount entered as an ATO adjustment.

See 'Core Help > Pay > STP2 > STP2 Payload Lump E Breakdown' for further details.
PayrollAUR-22224Enhance EV603_GO_LIVE to retain ETP Payment Summaries from a dateDescription
To reduce manual processing, there was a requirement to avoid reprocessing of employees' ETP Payment Summaries created during the Go Live pay period because the Go Live (EV603_GO_LIVE) batch process deleted all ATO Payment Summary data to achieve a clean start to paying employees in Aurion.

The Go Live (EV603_GO_LIVE) batch process has been changed to include a new parameter option 'Only delete ETP Payment Summaries created before' date.

This new feature will preserve employees' ETP Payment Summaries generated during the Go Live pay period.
PayrollAUR-22226Fix STP EOY defect for Allow6 with multiple engagement/payee typesDescription
The Generate Pay by Pay STP PAYEVNT Payload (EV582_STP_PAYLD) and the Generate End of Year STP PAYEVNT payload (EV611_STP_EOY) batch processes could, under certain rare circumstances, report incorrect amounts for Allowance 6 totals and Allowance 6 Breakdown.  The circumstances that could trigger this incorrect data may include when a person has had multiple engagements under different employee numbers and their prior engagement may have been a Labour Hire or Voluntary Agreement paid and terminated in a prior financial year.

A software change has been implemented to correct this issue.

No customer impact.
PayrollAUR-22227Fix FEI Payment Summary modification defectDescription
The ATO FEI Payment Summary form (ECA48_FEIPS_LIST) was not allowing updates to records with a Tax Year of 2021 or later. 

A software change has been made to correct this issue.

In addition, a validation check has also been implemented to ensure that the Foreign Tax Paid amount is greater than zero when saving the ATO FEI Payment Summary record. This check was put in place to prevent an STP error message being returned by the ATO.

Customers will experience improved advantages with a more durable ATO FEI Payment Summary form.
Query ToolAUR-22190Document how to join payments notifications to Beam payments AQT data source EB704_QUERYDescription
Documentation was needed to describe the step-by-step process of generating various Beam payment notification reports using Aurion Query Tool data source joins.

The Core Online Help documentation for Beam has been updated to include Aurion Query Tool examples which report upon the status of submitted Beam Payloads.

Customers can review these Beam Notification Report examples from: Aurion Core Help > Productivity > Query Tool > Beam Query Reporting Examples.
RecruitmentTTN-5373Recruitment Export and Import WizardsDescription
An appropriate method was required to both export and import 'Recruitment Action Templates' and 'Recruitment Configuration' between environments.

The following software enhancements have been made:
  • A new 'Export' button has been provided to allow the export of a selected Action Template, Recruitment Configuration, or both, to an XML file. This button can be located from:
    • The 'Recruitment Vacancy' task (ECG04_ACTPS_DET) when viewing Action Templates or
    • The 'Recruitment General Settings' task (ECD30_REC_GENCFG)

  • A new 'Import Recruitment Settings' task (ECA40_REC_IMPORT) has been provided. This task allows you to upload the desired Action Template and/or Recruitment Configuration using the XML file generated by the export function.
A total of 22 discrete data subsets are exported and imported by the wizard, using pre-existing and new APIs, with all data fully validated on import to the target environment. The subsets are:
  • Recruitment Action Template (including Vacancy, Package, Synopsis, Names)
  • Action Template Checklist/Events
  • Screening Surveys and Questions
  • Event Surveys and Questions
  • Survey Answer Codes (where used)
  • Action Template Mail Recipients
  • Security Tasks (for Action Template)
  • Security User (for Public Access Keys)
  • General Codes (where used)
  • Code Types (where used)
  • Related Codes (for the SEEK Job Board 'Classifier' codes)
  • General and Security Settings
  • SMS Vendor Settings
  • SEEK Job Boards (including 'Classifier' codes)
  • Messages (for Public Access Keys)
  • Privacy Statements (for Public Access Keys)
  • Apply Rulesets
  • Time Zones (including Default Time Zone))
  • Workflow Defaults
  • Eligibility Questions (for Public Access Keys)
  • Eligibility Responses (for Public Access Keys)
  • Apply With SEEK Settings
Customers using the Recruitment Module will experience enhanced processing efficiencies with the capability to export and import Recruitment Action Templates and Configuration.

See 'Core Online Help > Configuration > Recruitment Configuration > Recruitment Export Import Wizard' for further information.
ReportAUR-22199Output description of EC200 Report As valueDescription
When printing the 'Gross Disaggregation Mapping' tab (ECI84_STP_DISAGG) the 'Report As' column was presented as an internal code value.  This tab can be located within the 'STP Configuration' form (EC200_STP_CONFIG).

The 'Gross Disaggregation Mapping' tab (ECI84_STP_DISAGG) has been amended to print the 'Report As' field as an external description value, rather than internal code.

Customers will benefit from closer field alignment when printing the 'Gross Disaggregation Mapping' tab. 
ReportTTN-5357Specification Documents for WGEA ReportDescription
The Workplace Gender Equality Agency WGEA Report (EV625_WGEA) required additional explanation regarding the calculations performed when run. 

To address this issue, Online Help documentation has been expanded, offering more comprehensive details on these calculations.

Customers can refer to:

Core Help > Productivity > Reports > Standard Reports > Organisation > Workplace Gender Equality Agency Report > WGEA Report Calculations section, to gain a better understanding of the calculations and their impact. 

This improvement aims to enhance Customers' comprehension of the WGEA report's calculations.
ReportTTN-5367Specification Documents for MOHRI ReportDescription
Additional specification explanation was required for the MOHRI (Minimum Obligatory Human Resource Information) 6 Interface used by QLD Government.

Online Help documentation has been expanded, offering more comprehensive details of the MOHRI6 specification.  Customers can find more details at:
Core Help > Pay > Payroll Interfaces > MOHRI Interfaces > MOHRI6 Interface - MOHRI Specification section

This improvement aims to enhance customers' understanding of the MOHRI interface and it's output.
Schedule of HiresAUR-18137Schedule of Hires to Allow Manage an Employee Not on PayrollDescription
In response to high customer demand, an enhancement has been implemented in the Schedule of Hires & Changes feature. This enhancement allows the commencement of successful recruitment candidates as unpaid employees, (which includes volunteers and contractors) enabling them to utilise Self Service functionalities. The solution includes options for both direct entry and bulk API loads to accommodate this functionality.

A number of changes have been made to implement this new functionality, as listed below:
  • Added new valid values to field T050F035_SCHEDULE_TYPE
    • 6 = New Hire - Not Leave/Payroll
    • 7 = Rehire - Not Leave/Payroll
  • Changed grid columns to show new values for Schedule Type 
    • Schedule of Hires and Status Changes (EC238_SCHED_SLCT)
    • Scheduled Employee Changes (ECG67_SCHED_LIST)
  • Changed Schedule of Hires and Status Changes (EC238_SCHED_SLCT) to include new add options 
    • Add New Hire - Not Leave/Payroll (Existing Person)
    • Add New Hire - Not Leave/Payroll (New Person)

  • Added new form Start Employee Detail - Not Lve/Payroll (EC247_SCHEDSTRT2) to display, add, modify and process:
    •    Schedule New Hire - Not Leave/Payroll and
    • Schedule Rehire - Not Leave/Payroll type records.
      Note -  The Onboarding, Transfer HR Details, Recruitment Details buttons and the Onboarding Status field have been hidden. These may be reinstated when Onboarding not on leave/payroll function has been built.

  • Changed the Add Rehire process to create either a Rehire or Rehire - Not Leave/Payroll schedule record based on whether the employee has the On Aurion Leave flag set.

  • Changed the Add Schedule Change Hours process to work for employee who are not on Aurion Leave/Payroll. This include changing the Commit To Payroll button text to just Commit.

The following reports and batch processes only work for Schedule records for employees on Payroll.
  • Process Scheduled Hires and Status Changes (ER031_SCHED_PRO)
  • Report Schedule of Hires and Status Changes (ER301_SCHEDU_RPT)
  • Purge Completed Schedule of Hires and Status Changes (EV542_COMPPG_PRO)

The Work Pattern Import (ER073_WP_IMPORT) process remains unchanged. This process only works for Employees on Payroll who are Payment by Exception.
The Schedule Start Employee Import (ER206_START_IMP) process has been changed to include Employees Not on Leave/Payroll.
File Descriptions Start Employee Input 01 Person and Start Employee Output 01 Pers have been changed to include new field NOT_ON_LEAVE_PAYROLL.  
The Schedule an Hours Change API (CHANGEHRS) has been changed to allow the nominated Employee to not be on Leave/Payroll.

The Schedule Change Status API (CHANGESTATUS) is unchanged and only works for Employees on Payroll.

The Schedule Start New Hire API (EMP_SCHEDNEWHIRE) has been changed to include a new parameter NOT_ON_LEAVE_PAYROLL. If this parameter is set to yes, a schedule type 6 "New Hire - Not Lve/Payroll" record will be created. Note: If NOT_ON_LEAVE_PAYROLL is set to Yes, TFN is not recorded and parameter option MATCH_SURNAME_DOB_GENDER value 5=Use Matching Tax File Number in not a valid option.

The Schedule Employee Rehire API (EMP_SCHEDREHIRE) has been change to create a schedule type 7 "Rehire - Not Lve/Payroll" record if the nominated Employee is not on Leave/Payroll.

The following API's have been updated to process schedule types 6 "New Hire - Not Lve/Payroll" and 7 "Rehire - Not Lve/Payroll":
  • Update Schedule Start Emp - Emp (EMP_SCHED_EMP)
  • Update Schedule Start Emp - Job (EMP_SCHED_JOB)
  • Update Schedule Start Emp - WP (EMP_SCHED_WPWEEK)
  • Employee Schedule Process (EMP_SCHEDPRO)
  • Set New Hire/Rehire to Scheduled (EMP_SCHEDSTATUS)
  • Schedule Employee Delete (EMP_SCHED_DELETE)
The following API's will NOT process schedule types 6 "New Hire - Not Lve/Payroll" and 7 "Rehire - Not Lve/Payroll".
  • Update Schedule Start Emp - Super (EMP_SCHED_SUPER)
  • Update Schedule Start Emp - Tax (EMP_SCHED_TAX)
  • Update Schedule Start Emp - Allow (EMP_SCHED_ALLOW)
  • Update Schedule Start Emp - Dedn (EMP_SCHED_DEDN)

Changed the Employee CrimTrac Assessment (EV490_EMPCT_GEN) batch process to include people in Schedule "New Hire - Not Lve/Payroll" and "Rehire - Not Lve/Payroll" when assessing a Position.

No changes have been made to ERM and Onboarding functionality in relation to the Schedule.

Support for Recruitment and Onboarding Employees not on Leave/Payroll will be a separate issue.

A new Process Non Payroll Scheduled Hires and Status Changes (ER003_SCHED_NONP) report has been added to process and purge non Payroll Schedule records.

The Hires and Status Changes scheduler has been updated to allow the processing of Employee's not on leave or payroll. See Online Help for further documentation details.
Schedule of HiresAUR-21510Schedule Status Changes improvementsDescription
The Schedule of Hires and Changes has been enhanced to include new fields such that all related data can be updated via a single process.

A number of changes have been made to enhance the Schedule of Hires and Changes (EC238_SCHED_SLCT) which are:
  • The T050_CHANGE_SCHEDULE data model has been changed to include a new non database field for Performance Agreement  (T050F765_PERFORMANCE_AGREEMENT). This field has been added to the Query Tool data source.
  • The 'Schedule Start Employee Detail' form and the 'Schedule Start Employee Detail - Not Leave/Payroll' form have been changed to include Performance Agreement. On both forms, this field will default to Business Rule 01602. Otherwise it will default to 'STANDARD' for new hires, and the employee's existing Performance Agreement setting for rehires.
  • The 'Schedule Status Change Detail' and 'Schedule Hours Change Detail' forms have been changed to include fields Contract Expiry Date,  Enterprise Agreement and Performance Agreement. These will default to the employee's current field values.
  • A fixup process (F11_SCHED_PE) will populate these fields for any schedule records that do not have a Status of "Complete". For "Complete" records, these new fields will be left unpopulated.
  • The Update Schedule Start Employee - Employee Details API (EMP_SCHED_EMP) parameters have been changed to include PERFORMANCE_AGREEMENT.
  • The Schedule Start Employee Import (ER206_START_IMP) file description "Start Employee Input 02 Emp" has been changed to include column PERFORMANCE_AGREEMENT.
  • The Change Employee Status API (EMP_CHANGESTATUS) and the Change Employee Status Import (ER205_CES_IMPORT) batch process have been changed to populate the Change Status Schedule record fields for Contract Expiry Date,  Enterprise Agreement and Performance Agreement, rather than update the employee directly for employees on Leave and Payroll. For employees not on Leave and Payroll, the process remains unchanged.
  • The Schedule an Hours Change API (CHANGEHRS) and Schedule Change Status API (CHANGESTATUS) parameters have been changed to include CONTRACT_EXPIRY_DATE, ENTERPRISE_AGREEMENT_CODE and  PERFORMANCE_AGREEMENT columns.
Additionally, a software issue in the T001_BASIC_DETAILS audit has been resolved where the Enterprise Agreement label in the Audit Log incorrectly appeared as "Performance Agreement."

Customers will benefit from the enhanced ability of the Schedule of Hires and Changes, in particular the ability to define Contract Expiry, Enterprise Agreement code and Performance Agreement directly from within the schedule function.
Schedule of HiresAUR-22244Resolve Issue with Rehires in Schedule of HiresDescription
The 'Add Rehire' option within the Schedule of Hires and Status Changes (EC238_SCHED_SLCT) was behaving inconsistently and displayed an inaccurate error message 'This Employee was on Aurion Leave'.

This issue has been resolved by adding a new Schedule of Hires function: Add Rehire - Not Leave/Payroll.
Customers now have a dedicated process to rehire former employees, who do not attract any leave or payroll implications.
Self ServiceAUR-22001Provide a 'Download All' feature for Past Employee Portal Pay AdvicesDescription
Users of the Past Employee portal experienced inconvenience by having to download payslips individually, which was a time-consuming process.

Within the Past Employee portal, a 'Download All' button has been added to the Pay Summaries table . When clicked, this will download a zip file containing all of the pay summaries listed in the table. This button is not available when viewing ESS on mobile devices.

In addition to the above, the following Past Employee portal issues were also resolved:
  1. The context selector would not finish loading. Note: The context selector was only displayed when the person had more than one employee number.
  2. The Pay Summaries table always displayed all pay summaries instead of respecting the settings of Business Rule 02826.
Past employees can now download all Pay Summaries with ease.

Note: In order for the 'Download All' button to be made visible, customers must verify that the 'TEMP_DOC_LOC' logical has been properly configured within their Aurion_web.asn file.

Also, the Past Employee portal Pay Summaries table now accurately complies with the settings of Business Rule 02826.  This rule determines the display of pay summaries, based upon a specified timeframe.
TaxAUR-21478Improved ETP calculationsDescription
To comply with tax legislation, Aurion needs to ensure ETP's are taxed correctly. Two (2) changes were required to meet the ETP Preservation Age and ETP Age Pension age rules.

If an employee has reached their Preservation Age, and an ETP amount is paid which should be taxed, and the employee is below their respective caps, then Aurion will now tax the ETP at the appropriate lower rate (17%).

If an employee has reached their Age Pension age, and a Genuine Redundancy or an Approved Early Retirement Scheme payment (Lump Sum D) is made, Aurion will now apply the Age Pension age check. This generally means the concessional tax treatment of a Genuine Redundancy or an Approved Early Retirement Scheme payment no longer applies.

Customers will benefit from more accurate calculation of tax on ETP Payments.
UtilitiesTTN-5343SMS Server for "Message Media"Description
'Message Media' has been added as an Aurion-supported SMS Vendor.

The Aurion SMS Vendor list was expanded to include 'Message Media'.  See 'Core Online Help - SMS Vendors' for more information on configuring SMS vendors.

Customers can now use 'Message Media' as their SMS service provider. Please note that Message Media require mobile numbers to be recorded in international format. For example: +6144555666.
Web FrameworkDRM-1429Upgrade Node.jsDescription
To ensure we are up to date with all latest security additions it is essential to upgrade Node.js to the latest version.

Node.js has been updated to 16.20.1, including the latest security fixes released on June 20th 2023.

Enhanced customer security when using Aurion and Node.js.
Web FrameworkDRM-1453Upgrade to Bootstrap 5Description
The Self Service User Interface required an update to ensure enhanced security as well as a more appealing visual experience.

The underlying framework for all of the Self Service User Interface has been updated.

Customers may notice some slight changes to the Aurion Self Service interface, including:
  • On larger screens, the application width has been expanded.
  •  The close buttons have been altered from red to grey.
  • By default, certain links now have an underline applied to them.
Web FrameworkDRM-1520Fix up warning messages in ERMDescription
Election Resource Management (ERM) warning messages did not display a uniform styling, when compared to similar alerts.  In addition, the pop-up for Under-18s displayed an incorrect warning message.

Consistent styling is now applied to all warning alerts.  The ERM pop-up for Under-18 users now incorporates additional information, indicating the reason why they are seeing the popup.

No impact.
Web FrameworkTTN-5364Radio Buttons Hidden on Print ScreenDescription
When attempting to print Self Service Forms, radio buttons that had been selected were not being printed correctly.

CSS alterations were made to enable the display of selected radio buttons when printing.

Customers will now see expected results when printing Self Service forms containing selected radio buttons.
Web FrameworkTTN-5371Transfer not registering Date ToDescription
When completing an Employee Self Service Work History Transfer request, the 'Date To' value was in some circumstances not being accurately recorded.

In version 11.86, we made a transition from Moment to Luxon libraries. This issue arose due to a discrepancy in how DateTime objects were coded in Moment and their translation into Luxon.  This issue has now been resolved.

Customers can once again perform ESS Work History Transfers as expected.
Web FrameworkTTN-5424Self Service Instruction Editor not being displayedDescription
An issue introduced in versions 11.86/11.87 prevented the Self Service 'Instruction Editor' link from being displayed, when enabled via the 'System Admin' page.

A software change was made to ensure the visibility of the 'Instruction Editor' link.

The link to access the 'Instruction Editor' will be displayed as expected.

Known Issues

Mobile App Installation Issue

There is a current issue that affects Android users when completing Aurion Mobile App installation and registration. The registration process fails if users attempt to scan the QR code if the Mobile App is not open first.

Android users need to open the Mobile App prior to using their camera to scan the QR code to workaround this issue.

Security Task Changes

Change Security Task Description
New EC247_DOC_VIEW View Documents (View-only version of the ‘Documents’ grid and detail panels EC117_DOC_LIST)
New ECA40_REC_IMPORT Import Recruitment Settings task

Business Rule Changes

There are no business rules changes for this release.

Database Model Changes

See the Core online help topic Version-Specific Model Changes for a full list of database model changes for all releases that contain model changes.

See the Aurion 11 Entity & Field Listing document for full details on Aurion tables and fields.