Aurion 11.86 Release Notes

1 June 2023

11.86 (Core) has been patched to 11.86.1 to resolve an issue introduced within the 11.86 F11_ERM_FIXUP2 fixup program.  When this program was run, a large number of errors were reported which has now been resolved.  Please see DRM-1491 for more information.

In addition, two issues were also fixed relating to ‘STP: Employment Basis reporting’ and ‘BPA Read File Element – Advanced text wrapping’.  These issue have been resolved in AUR-22203 and TTN-5363 respectively.

The ‘Manual Zip Install’, ‘Windows Full Install’ and ‘Windows Core Update’ download files have been repackaged to include Aurion 11.86.1 (Core).

16 May 2023
We are pleased to announce the release of Aurion 11.86.

Important Notes

Upgrading to Uniface 10?
See the Uniface 10 Upgrade page if you are also upgrading to Uniface 10.

Release Highlights

We have added a new BPA to support ‘read from’ and ‘write to’ text file process steps, in addition to performing file and directory functions. There is now the ability to read & write fixed length, delimited or raw data type files. Our BPA enhancements will let you expand on the possibilities of using your data and the functionality of your Aurion people and payroll solution.

See TTN-5105 in the Release Details section for further information.

We have improved the usability of our ‘Function Help’ for Uniface Functions. The popup will now remember your last selected function, and we have also added existing functions to the online help catalogue. The function trees have also been tidied to make life work better when navigating the ‘Function Help’ pop up.

See TTN-5351 in the Release Details section for further information.

The option has been added in this release to include the new ‘Stuck message – contact ATO’ status and user message when submitting STP payloads. Stuck messages can occur when Aurion cannot obtain the outcomes for a STP payload within 72 hours of it being submitted to the ATO. Following contact with the ATO to determine the cause of the issue, users will now be provided with the option to select the action taken to resolve this status in order to continue with your STP processing.

See AUR-22173 in the Release Details section for further information.

We have made some new additions to our extensive API library to make it easier to bulk add, modify and delete claims within your Aurion solution. Your organisation can now process large claims across a large number of employees in a record amount of time.

You may now also streamline updates to your leave liability configuration across multiple industry and employee awards with our new API solution. Two new API’s are now available to:

  1. Bulk delete existing leave liability percent values and
  2. Bulk add updated values.

This will save your team time by no longer having to manually update each set of leave liability percent values when your Finance team advises you of changes.

See AUR-20480 & AUR-22117 in the Release Details section for further information.

Manual Zip Install

Windows Full Install

Windows Core Update

Windows Web Update

See ‘Download File Integrity Check’ below if you wish to verify the integrity of these download files.

Release Contents

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Download File Integrity Check

Binary Name MD5 Checksum 0260b19e7da967520cc0ffa0755263f4
aurion_suite_11.86.1.14.exe 216895057EA25A82CB6C1E49F6BE8EA1
aurion_core.msi 2ef69871fd2a39e36c1f2a1553ab53ed
aurion_web.msi 36f124aa8c255df0b89a139356e1e9d1

Ready to Download?

  • Manual Zip Install – See the Zip Manual Installation Guide section in the Core online help for manual installation instructions
  • Belt Users – if you are currently using Aurion’s Belt Management Dashboard, updates can be download and managed directly through Belt (see the Windows Installer section in the Core online help and the Belt help which is available from the Belt interface)
  • Windows Full Install – for installations without internet access, the full offline suite installer provides all the necessary components for a complete Aurion installation
  • Windows Core/Web Update – the smaller msi installers can be used to add the new version of Core or Web to an existing offline windows installation.

Make sure you read the “Release Details”  and “Known Issues” sections below thoroughly so you fully understand the impact of all changes in this release.

Please contact Aurion Support if you have any concerns or difficulties with installing this release, or any suggestions for improvements.

Framework Versions

The framework versions that you require for 11.86 are:

  • Uniface
  • Belt 1.13.0
  • Node.js 16.17.1
  • Tomcat 8.5.86
  • DLM 9.1.0.

Go to the Framework Updates page or Belt Updates page to download these updates if required.
For Linux/manual installations use the zip file.
For Windows Belt installations that don’t have internet access use the msi file.
See the Web Node.js Framework Update Core online help topic for more information and installation instructions for updating Node.js.
DLM updates are performed automatically for Belt users. For other users, updated DLM files are included in the Uniface update files.

Release DetailsDownload Release Notes

Click the icon to the right to download the release notes in XLS format.

ComponentIssueSummaryIssue Detail
APIAUR-20480Claim APIsDescription
A customer request was received to enable the bulk processing of Claims for both Exception and Return based employees.

Four new API's have been added to facilitate claims processing:
  • CLAIM_ADD_ALLOW - Add Claim Allowance
  • CLAIM_ADD_WORK - Add Claim Work
  • CLAIM_DELETE - Delete Claim
  • CLAIM_MODIFY - Modify Claim
Customers will benefit from the ability to bulk process Claims transactions.  See Online Help or the API Reference Guide for more information.
APIAUR-22117Provide Leave Liability Percent API'sDescription
A customer enhancement request was received to bulk process Award Leave Type Liability Percents.

Two new API's have been added:
  • LEAVE_LIABPC_ADD - Leave Liability Percent Add
  • LEAVE_LIABPC_DEL - Leave Liability Percent Delete
Customers will gain processing efficiencies through these new API's.  See 'Core Online Help' or the 'API Reference Guide PDF' for more information.
APIDRM-1444Security: Default Error Information DisclosureDescription
Default Apache 500 error messages were providing unnecessary information relating to the application version, these have been updated so that this information is now hidden.

The new Tomcat installer has been configured to no longer show the Tomcat version when displaying error messages.

Tomcat security has been enhanced.
APITTN-4138APIs for competenciesDescription
A number of customer requests were received requesting the ability to bulk process Competencies.

The following APIs to Add, Modify and Delete Competencies have been created:
Note: These API's do not allow the addition or modification of 'Training Courses that Support this Competency' or 'People who can Assess this Competency'.  COMPETENCY_ADD API follows the same rules as creating the record in Core, meaning that if 'Element Full Text' and 'Abbreviated Text' are left blank, they will auto-populate with the contents of 'Competency Text'.  Also if left blank 'Status' will default to 'Active'.

Three new API's have been added to Aurion Core, designed to Add, Modify and Delete Competency Codes.  See 'Core Online Help' or the 'API Reference Guide' for more information.
APITTN-5320Update Org Unit APIs to respect BR01306Description
Previously, Org Unit Add (ORD_ADD) and Org Unit Modify (ORG_MODIFY) APIs were not correctly checking whether Business Rule 01306 - 'Mandatory for Org Unit' setting was selected.  Selecting this option ensured a Primary Cost Code was included when creating or modifying an Org Unit.

A software change has been made to ensure that Org Unit Add and Org Unit Modify APIs accurately check Business Rule 01306 when validating to determine whether the Primary Cost Code field is mandatory.

Customers will benefit from better improved adherence to Business Rule 01306 when creating or modifying Org Units via APIs.
APITTN-5327Add APIs for Test ResultsDescription
A customer request was received to create and modify Professional Development Test Results (EC115_TEST_RESULTS) in bulk.

Three new APIs have been added:
See Online Help for more detailed API field information.

Customers now have the ability to bulk Add, Modify and Delete 'Test Result' records via API.
BPATTN-5105Enable BPA to Read and Write Data from/to a File LocationDescription
Previously, BPA lacked the ability to read and write text file records.

BPA functionality has been enhanced to support new 'read from' and 'write to' text file process steps, including the ability to process fixed length, delimited or raw data type files. 

When working with Delimited files, both read and write steps include options to specify column delimiter, field wrapper, plus an option to skip or include the header row.  

The Write step appends to a temporary file located according to the TMP setting in the ASN file.  The write step also includes a Close option which writes the output file to the specified path and then deletes the temporary file.


Customers will benefit from the improved capability of BPA Read and Write steps.  See the Core Help - Event Ruleset Process Reference page for more information on these new features.
BPATTN-5363Advanced text wrapping for 'Read File', BPA element (11.86)Description
The BPA Read element did not previously accomodate for delimited files which were not strictly wrapped.

Aurion's Text Driver has been enhanced to add a new operation, for use when a cell in a delimited file is wrapped only when (a) the cell is empty, or (b) the cell's data contains a comma.  The BPA Runtime service has also been updated to use the new Text Driver operation when loading data from delimited files.

BPA's reading of delimited files has been enhanced to accommodate for cells which are not strictly wrapped.  See 'Online Help - Event Ruleset Process Reference - Read File Contents' for further details on this change.
ClaimsAUR-21958Allow Self Service Claims Time From and Time To flexibilityDescription
Self Service users submitting Claims were previously prevented from entering times which spanned midnight, for example 10pm - 2am.

Business Rule 02817 has been enhanced with an optional 'Times span midnight' field.  When this field is used, Claims entered through Self Service will allow times to span midnight. In addition, existing overlapping time checks have been updated to accommodate this updated Business Rule functionality.

See Business Rule 02817 in Core Online Help for further details.

Customers will benefit from the ability to allow Self Service users to enter Claim From and To times which span midnight.
Core FrameworkAUR-22101Fix text display issue when zooming placement screen comments fieldsDescription
Customers reported text display issues when using the Placement Processing form (EC040_OCCY_PRDET) comment field 'Zoom' function.

The Placement Processing form slider bar has been replaced with a line, resolving this text display issue.

Users can once again view zoomed Placement and HR Profile comments as expected.
Core FrameworkAUR-22182Uniface upgrade fixes picking Security Profiles causing crashDescription
In some circumstances, adding a Security Profile to an Org Unit, Position or User resulted in an Aurion system crash.  This occurred more frequently when resizing the 'Pick Security Profile List' window.

This issue was resolved by updating to Uniface version

Also, the background colour for form EC009 was amended.

Customers are once again able to process and interact with Security Profiles as expected.
Core FrameworkDRM-1440Update Uniface to
A number of issues resulted in a crash of the Core application.  After analysis, it was determined these related specifically to the current version of Uniface.

To resolve these issues, it is highly recommended to upgrade to the latest Uniface version, 

Self-hosted customers will need to perform testing of this new Uniface version in a TEST environment, prior to deploying into Production.
Core FrameworkTTN-5326Add new modules to code typesDescription
Additional modules have been added to the Code Types (EC030_CODE_TYPE) 'Module' field. This was to allow better management of codes.

A software change has been made to add 'BPA', 'Extend' and 'Custom' Module fields.

New modules are now available for selection within Code Types.  This will allow easier navigation and maintenance for users who create their own tables and related codes.
Core FrameworkTTN-5329Data Store grid sortingDescription
Customers experienced unexpected results when attempting to sort the Data Stores Grid Panel (EC508_STORE_LIST) or the Data Stores Item Manager grid panel (EC490_STORE_LIST).  This was caused by the sort function not correctly accounting for the column's defined Answer Type.   

Data Stores and Data Stores Item Manager grid panels have been enhanced to enable column sorting to take into account the column's Answer Type. The following Answer Types now have data-type based sorting:
  • Boolean
  • Date
  • Hours and Minutes.
  • Money (with/without formatting)
  • Number and
  • Time
All other Answer Types are sorted as strings. In addition, the Create/Modify Date Time Stamps, which are Control Fields and therefore do not have an Answer Type, are now sorted using date-time sorting.

Customers are now able to sort Data Store Grid and Item Manager Panel columns with predictable results.
CrimtracTTN-5322Exclude Cancellled Checks from Generating CrimTrac AssessmentsDescription
A customer issue was reported within the Employee CrimTrac Assessment (EV490_EMPCT_EV) process.  This process triggered a new check to be performed, despite the employee already having a current and valid 'Completed' check.  This specifically occurred in situations where the employee has a 'Cancelled' check recorded subsequent to the 'Completed' check.

A software change has been made to exclude 'Cancelled' checks from CrimTrac Assessment.

The Employee CrimTrac assessment will no longer erroneously raise new CrimTrac checks for employees who have a 'Cancelled' CrimTrac check after their most recent 'Completed' check.
Election Resource ManagementTTN-4992Ability to Nominate Specific Positions in ERMDescription
Previously, it was not possible for election workers to nominate positions they would prefer to work in during an election.

Customers can now use the new custom field functionality in TTN-5110 to enable customers to nominate their preferred positions.  See the ERM section of Online Help for more information.

New ERM custom fields added in TTN-5110 can now be configured by customers to hold data such as an election worker's position preferences. A custom filter can also be added to the 'Personnel Search' screen which will search the configured custom field.
Election Resource ManagementTTN-5110Update ERM to Hold Custom Election Worker PreferencesDescription
The Election Resource Management (ERM) module could not previously hold nor report on Custom Election Worker data fields.

Several new configuration screens have been added to the ERM Configuration Workbench that allows customers to configure custom fields which contain data relating to election workers.

In summary, these changes are:
  • New Custom Fields Configuration Tab
  • New Filters Configuration Tab
  • New Extract Reports Configuration Tab
  • New 'Work Preferences' Fields Added To The ERM General Configuration Tab
  • New TEW_WORKER_MOD API to bulk modify custom fields
  • Changes to the Generate Election Worker Batch Process
  • Changes to the ERM Personnel List Query Popup
The above also provides the ability to set some custom fields as searchable filters on the 'Personnel Search' screens.  

Note: The configuration and movement of existing election worker data into the new custom fields will be performed by a fixup program during the upgrade process.

A number of customisable fields have been added to the T720_TEW_WORKER table which holds data about individual election workers. These fields can hold the following types of data: General Code, Answer Code, Date, Text (100 characters max), and Long Text (1000 characters max). These custom fields behave similarly to boilerplate fields; you can choose a label and whether or not they are mandatory. Any non-configured field will be hidden to users. 

A fixup program run during the upgrade process will automatically configure some of these new custom fields to match existing functionality and will move existing election personnel data into these fields.  For example, the personnel data stored in the Extra Details table. As a result, customers will notice very minimal differences in the look and behaviour of the ERM web portals after upgrading.

Customers using the ERM module should be aware of the following changes:
  • The screening survey that election worker applicants fill out can now ask customised questions in any order.   To store the questionnaire answers in the new custom fields, a new 'Answer Mapping' section on the 'Generate Election Worker' batch parameter form  has been configured.  The supplied fixup program will automatically attempt to fill this out for existing saved parameters but this must be updated if the screening questions are changed.
  • New custom filters can also be added to the 'Personnel Search' screen that filter on the custom fields of type General Code and Answer Code.
  • Custom fields can also be configured to appear on the CSV extracts that can be generated from the search result screens in the ERM web management portal.
  • The election personnel data that is currently stored in the Extra Details table (T031_EXTRA_DETAILS) has been moved into these new custom fields. If customers are currently using the 'EXTRA_DET_MAINT' API to update data such as Residing District/Municipality, then it is recommended to now use the new 'TEW_WORKER_MOD' API to update these custom fields instead.
  • The CSV extracts that can be generated from the search results screens within the ERM web management portal previously had separate columns at the end for 'Other Relevant Experience' and 'Referees'. These items have now been combined into a single column instead. However, if customers wish to display this data in separate columns then this can be done through configuration by storing the 'Referee' and 'Other Relevant Experience' data in separate custom fields.
  • The 'Personal and Preference Details' grid in the Election Personnel web screen no longer displays specific columns relating to election worker's availability, physical impairment, or whether they are on the electoral roll. As data is now stored in custom fields (which may differ for each customer) instead a url is displayed within the grid, asking the user to click to then view this information.
  • The 'Other Relevant Experience and Referees' grid in the Election Personnel web portal has been removed because this data is now stored in the new custom fields, and so can be updated on the 'Personal and Preference Details' form with other custom fields.
See the Core Online Help - ERM Section for more information.
Election Resource ManagementDRM-1491Fix issues with the F11_ERM_FIXUP2 fixup program (11.86)Description
A large number of errors were reported when running the 11.86 F11_ERM_FIXUP2 program. These errors typically related to:
  • A 'Font Not Allowed' error, where large text fields did not accept non-standard characters
  • Custom Fields which held invalid General Codes
  • The use of SQL Server with case-sensitive collation enabled
The large text custom fields added for election workers can now hold a full range of characters, so the F11_ERM_FIXUP2 program should no longer report errors relating to this when migrating data. The fixup program will also no longer validate General Codes as it migrates data to the new custom fields, which should reduce the number of employees that are skipped in the fixup process.

There is no impact to customers that have not yet run the F11_ERM_FIXUP2 fixup program. Customers that have already run this program and encountered employees that were skipped should re-run this fixup program which will reprocess those skipped employees.
Help PortalDRM-1465Context sensitive F1 Help function not working on ER190 parameter formDescription
When using the Batch RDO & Equalisation (ER190_RDO_EQUAL) task, pressing 'F1' to open context sensitive help only worked correctly when the field focus was in the 'Settings' section.

This issue has been resolved by amending the parameter form to include the Help trigger code.

Customers will once again be able to access Batch RDO & Equalisation context sensitive help as expected.
Hi SecAUR-22181Change upgrade data fix-up for SQL case sensitivityDescription
During a recent customer upgrade to release 11.85, some unexpected results were encountered in some database tables.  After investigation, this issue was determined to affect SQL Server clients who use a Case Sensitive database collation, due to previously migrating from an Oracle database.

The Data Migration Utility has been changed to use lowercase table names in the SQL generated to get records counts from MS SQL Server.

No customer impact.  The data fix-up program in High Security has been upgraded for SQL case sensitivity. 
InterfaceAUR-22102Provide Non CBA Payment Requests bank file interfaceDescription
A request was received to provide a 'Non-CBA Payment Requests' bank file interface option.

A number of software changes were made to support this request:
  • A new Commbiz New Zealand Banking Interface (EV503_COMMBIZ) program has been added.
  • Within the Bank (EC244_BANK_LIST) task, the 'Bank Code' detail form label was altered to 'Bank Code (BIC)'
  • The Direct Advance Payment (EC585_DIRECT_ADV) form has been changed to include the 'NZ Commbiz Non CBA Payment Requests' format.
A new Commbiz New Zealand Banking Interface (EV503_COMMBIZ) program has been provided.  See Online Help for detailed information on this new task.
InterfaceAUR-22183Enhance Tanda timesheet import EV636_TS_IMPORT to group by countryDescription
A customer enhancement request was received for the Tanda Timesheet Import (EV636_TS_IMPORT) batch process, to enable the separate processing of Australian and New Zealand companies.

The Tanda Timesheet Import (EV636_TS_IMPORT) batch process has been enhanced to include 2 new Mode values on the parameter form:
  • Group of AU Companies excluding specified Companies
  • Group of NZ Companies excluding specified Companies
These options allow the process to be run for groups of Australian or New Zealand companies.
Aurion Customers using Tanda will gain processing efficiencies from the ability to separately import Australia and NZ companies timesheets.
InterfaceAUR-22193Fix Tanda Timesheet extract to run based on SundaysDescription
The Tanda Timesheet Import (EV636_TS_IMPORT) process was not correctly polling for Timesheets for weeks ending the past three Sundays. 

A software change has been made to correct this behaviour.

When run, this task will now correctly determine the previous 3 Sunday dates before 'today' and then retrieve those timesheet dates when calling Tanda.
LeaveAUR-22172Change leave maximum usage check to calculate based on minutesDescription
When performing Maximum Takings Checks defined against Time Codes and Award Leave Types where the measure is Days, Aurion summed the period days recorded against the Leave Occurrence to 2 decimal places.  This created inaccuracies when summing multiple Part Day leave occurrences. 

A software change has been made to calculate the period days to 8 decimal places, allowing for improved accuracy when summing leave occurrences.

Time Code Leave Taking Maximum Usage checks are now applied correctly for several whole days, with historical combinations of part-day and full-day leave takings.
OnboardingTTN-5323Hide the Evidence Documents Section in OnboardingDescription
A customer request was received to be able to hide the 'Proof of Identity' evidence documents during the onboarding process.

The Aurion Core Onboarding Portal (ECB32_ONBDG_LIST) configuration screen no longer requires at least one Proof of Identity document upload to be configured.  In addition, Proof of Identity document uploads can now be configured on an individual basis through Schedule of Hires (EC238_SCHED_SLCT) using the same method as licence and qualification document settings.

The Onboarding portal has been updated to provide enhanced document evidence configuration.
PayrollAUR-21047Remove Data Assembly Alert for ETP records when 100% tax free (Lump D)Description
Customers requested the Aurion STP Assembly Message "Person ##### in Company ##### has a zero $ ETP Payment Summary" to be optional when generating a Pay by Pay or End of Year STP Payload.  Previously, this alert message would always be displayed when the 'Zero $ ETP Payment Summary' criteria was met.

The Generate Pay by Pay STP PAYEVNT Payload (EV582_STP_PAYLD) and Generate EOY STP PAYEVNT Payload (EV611_STP_EOY) batch process parameter forms have been changed to include a new alert option 'Alert when person has zero $ ETP Payment Summary'.

When generating STP Payloads, customers will gain greater control over the 'Zero $ ETP Payment Summary' alert message.  An example scenario is when an ETP-type payment has been processed for a terminated employee, but 100% of the payment was deemed to be Lump D and therefore tax-free.
PayrollAUR-21713Report separate STP Lump A Type codes for multiple engagements in a financial yearDescription
Lump Sum A Type codes for multiple separate employment engagements were not being reported to the ATO via STP as separate sub-types 'R' and 'T' when both situations applied to a payee within the same financial year.

The STP PAYEVNT generation process has been enhanced to now report multiple Lump Sum A Types, as required.  In addition, the STP Payee Detail form has been amended to remove STP Lump Sum Type field, because more than one Type code is now reported.

See Online Help - Generate STP2 PAYEVNT Payload for further details on this enhancement.  Customers may also be required to run a fix-up program to move historical amounts into the appropriate sub-type field.
PayrollAUR-22173Enhance STP Payload Processing (EV614) to handle stuck messagesDescription
Customers were in some situations experiencing an STP transmission which became a 'stuck message' and outcomes were not received by Aurion.

The STP Payload Detail form has been changed to include two (2) new non-database fields for "Submitted" date and time and (submitted) "Type". These fields have been added to Query Tool data sources and T55A_STP_PAYLOAD Audit messages.

The STP Payload Processing (EV614_STP_PAYLD) batch process has been changed:
  1. Flag Payloads as "Stuck Message - contact ATO" and send an STP alert email when the outcome of the Payload has not been received 72 hours after originally submitted.
  2. The raw response from the calls to the ATO are written to the message frame/log file.
  3. When formatting the Payload, when looking at the previous successfully transmitted payload, 'stuck message' payloads will be counted as a successful transmitted payload for calculating company totals in the Parent section of the STP Payload.   
For a stuck message Payload, a new "Resolve" button option is available to resolve the status of the payload. The "Payload was processed" sets the payload status to "Full ATO outcomes received". The "Payload was rejected" sets the payload status to "... whole of request was rejected".

Customers will now have more control over managing STP payloads when outcomes cannot be achieved with the ATO within the ATO's specified timeframes. 

See 'Online Help - STP Payload Processing' for more specific information on this new feature.
PayrollAUR-22203STP2: Fix reporting of Employment BasisDescription
An employee's Employment Basis data was previous reported incorrectly within the STP Payload file when they are Active but do not have a current Placement record.  In this scenario, the unplaced employee had their Employment Basis derived from their Status FTE, which is incorrect if they were previously reported as Casual "C".

Corrected an issue in STP Payload generation to use the Attendance Type of the Employee's most recent Placement record when determining if the Employee is Casual, when the Employee has no current Placement.

The STP Payload file was reporting "F" for Employment Basis when the person had no current placement record. This has been changed to report Employment Basis from the most recent employee placement record.
Query ToolTTN-5351Include useful Uniface Functions in function help popupDescription
Previously, not all useful Uniface Functions were listed within the 'Function Help' popup.

A number of software changes were made to make expand the Uniface functions available with AQT and BPA:
  1. Changed the Function Help Popup to include useful native Uniface functions including $length, $ldirlist, $ldir and $lfileexists.
  2. Changed the Function Help Popup to indicate when a BPA function differs from its QT equivalent (i.e. function in BPA is not prefixed with a '$' sign as when used in Query Tool.)
  3. Changed the Function Help popup to persistently remember your last selected function.
  4. Changed the Function Help popup so that once accepted, the BPA Editor returns back the syntax for the selected function.
  5. Changed the BPA Editor to use a more noticeable glyph in the tree for the Comments step, to not prefix Comments with 'comments:' and to permit multi-line comments.
  6. Changed the BPA Editor for the Workspace and API panels to make the Field Listbox wider, and move the 'Message Frame' checkbox up, so that don't have to scroll to see this when on a laptop.
  7. Included native Uniface File/Directory statements as a new File/Directory Action step type.
The following BPA functions have been added to the help directory:
  • $clock - System Time
  • $time - System Time(Deprecated)
  • $web - Web Application Mnemonic
  • $batch - Batch Mode Indicator
  • $length - Find String Length
  • $ltrim - Left Trim
  • $rltrim - Right Trim
  • $oprsys - Operating System Mnemonic
  • $logical - Application Logical Setting
  • $scan - Scan String for Pattern
  • $rscan - Scan String for Pattern from Right
  • $uuid - Generate Unique Identifier
  • tempdir - Directory for Temporary Files
  • $ldirlist - Directory Contents
  • $lfileexists - Check File or Directory Exists
  • $lfileproperties - Properties of File or Directory
  • $exp10 - Return Base 10 Exponential of X
The Function Help Popup has been changed to include useful native Uniface functions including $length, $ldirlist, $ldir and $lfileexists; plus indication when a BPA function differs from its AQT equivalent. The Function Help popup now also remembers your last selected function.  In addition, when you accept a function, the user is returned to the BPA Editor with the required syntax for the selected function. In addition, native Uniface File/Directory statements (i.e. to create, rename and delete) are now available in a new File/Directory Action step type.
Query ToolTTN-5355Resolve EV016 Memory LeakDescription
Customers reported a memory leak which was caused when BPA rulesets were triggered by a Batch UserId which was not linked to an Aurion Number.  In some circumstances, this caused the process to run out of memory prior to completion.

Changed the EV016_SECURITY operation OP014_DFLTQRYORG to delete the child instance of EV016_SECURITY when the UserId is not linked to an Aurion Number, otherwise the instance remains and causes a memory leak.

Query Tool no longer causes a memory leak when QT, or BPA that uses QT, is run by the Aurion Batch UserId which is not linked to an Aurion Number.  When users without an attached Aurion number run queries, instances will now correctly be terminated.  This will increase performance and reduce risk of crashing.
ReportAUR-22171Fix RFB reporting on ER251_ATOPAYSUM reportDescription
In some circumstances, the ATO Payment Summary Reconciliation Report (ER251_ATOPAYSUM) did not correctly report Reportable Fringe Benefits (RFB) amounts processed as Pay Summary adjustments. The report was using the adjustment's Date Effective when it should be using the linked Pay Summary record's Date Paid to determine the RFB year. 

A software fix has been made to the program to correctly report RFB amount in all circumstances.

Impacted customers may wish to re-run, review and re-reconcile using the ATO Payment Summary Reconciliation Report (ER251_ATOPAYSUM) after applying this software update.
TaxAUR-22185STP2: Prevent reporting negative gross from SG as part of Total Remuneration PackagesDescription
Super Guarantee Contributions (SGC) as part of a salary package were not being correctly offset against the related disaggregated gross components, resulting in the potential for an employee to have negative gross and positive SGC.

The STP payload generation process has been changed to resolve this issue in gross disaggregation.

Negative Gross (not Total Gross) no longer appears due to SG being managed as a pre-tax deduction, resulting in better accuracy when reporting to the ATO and Services Australia.
Timekeeper / Award InterpreterAUR-22180Fix Timekeeper effective date for overtime limit and leave takingsDescription
When using Timekeeper's "Timesheet & Multiple Period Limits" feature, in some circumstances 'Return' employees' overtime transactions were created with an incorrect date.  For example, if leave appears within the timesheet before the limit was triggered and recovered amounts. 

A software change was made to resolve this issue when processing timekeeper lines for Return employees and applying "Timesheet & Multiple Period Limits" where adjustment transactions did not have correct dates.

Customers can be assured of correct date calculations when processing Timekeeper overtime transaction lines for Return employees.
Timekeeper / Award InterpreterDRM-158Timekeeper usability changesDescription
Timekeeper usability enhancements were made to provide an improved user experience.

Self Service Administrators will benefit from a new 'Expand Timesheets View' option, within the 'Self Service - System Administration' page.  Once enabled, this option will expand the width of all Self Service Timesheets to use 95% of the available screen area.  See 'Self Service Help - TimeKeeper' for more detail on this new feature.

Additionally, Self Service modals (a web page element that displays in front of other page content) will now use 'sticky' button bars.  This change will be of assistance when lengthy modals are to be completed by a user.

Customers will need to manually enable the 'Expand Timesheets View' option through the 'Self Service - System Administration' page.  Otherwise, Customers may notice differences in the appearance of modals throughout the product.
Web CandidateTTN-5348Reimplement Apply with Seek buttonDescription
The 'Apply with Seek' button was not displayed within Web Candidate for customers who have setup Apply with Seek Configuration (ECD02_SEEKCONFIG) in Core.

The 'Apply with Seek' button has been reimplemented within Web Candidate.

Customers will once again be able to use the 'Apply with Seek' button within job vacancies.
Web CandidateTTN-5352Expressions of Interest only showing 10 resultsDescription
The Web Candidate 'Expressions of Interest' records table displayed a maximum of 10 results.

A software changes has been made to allow all 'Expressions of Interest' records to be displayed.  In cases where more than 10 records are to be displayed, pagination will occur.

Web Candidate customers will now be able to review all 'Expression of Interest' records, regardless of the number received.
Web FrameworkDRM-1428Upgrade Tomcat to latest LTS - 03/Jan/23Description
A Tomcat security vulnerability has been detected in a previous version of this software.

Tomcat has been updated to the latest version: 8.5.86

Aurion strongly recommends customers using an older version of Tomcat update to the latest version, as well as uninstalling any older versions through Add/Remove programs.  All older versions of Tomcat are no longer available to download through or Belt.
Web FrameworkDRM-1434Security: Replace moment.js with a more up to date libraryDescription
A potential security issue was noted through the use of an outdated Moment.JS web library.

A software change was made to replace this internal date library.

Generally there are no visible changes as result of this library update.  Minor changes to dates may be observed when using Timekeeper.  For example, 'June 3rd 2023,' is now displayed as 'June 3, 2023'.
Web FrameworkDRM-1454Update Work History to use floating action barsDescription
When using Self Service, the design of the 'Service History' and 'Work History' screens was inconsistent with other areas of the system.

The following actions have been taken to improve this issue:
  • Added floating button bars to Service History & Work History screens.
  • Added a 'Back' button to appear on 'Transfer History' screens.
Customers will notice a more consistent design approach, including additional buttons being available in some form areas.
Web FrameworkDRM-1462SAML not working without basepathDescription
Where SAML configuration did not include a basepath, the 'path' and 'logoutUrl' variable returned `undefined` in their urls.

Additional logic has been added to allow SAML to function correctly, without a basepath having been defined.

Customers will benefit from updated SAML functionality.

Known Issues

Mobile App Installation Issue

There is a current issue that affects Android users when completing Aurion Mobile App installation and registration. The registration process fails if users attempt to scan the QR code if the Mobile App is not open first.

Android users need to open the Mobile App prior to using their camera to scan the QR code to workaround this issue.

Security Task Changes

Change Security Task Description
New EV503_COMMBIZ Commbiz New Zealand Banking Interface added
New LEAVE_LIABPC_ADD Leave Liability Percent Add API
New LEAVE_LIABPC_DEL Leave Liability Percent Delete API
New COMPETENCY_MOD Competency Modify API
New COMPETENCY_DEL Competency Delete API
New TEST_RESULT_ADD Test Results Add API
New TEST_RESULT_MOD Test Results Modify API
New TEST_RESULT_DEL Test Results Delete API
New TEW_WORKER_MOD API Modify Temporary Election Worker API
New ECI93_TEWWCF_CFG ERM Custom Fields Configuration Tab
New ECI94_TEWWF_CFG ERM Filters Configuration Tab
New ECI96_TEWEXR_CFG ERM Extract Reports Configuration Tab
Change ECD02_SEEKCONFIG ‘Apply with Seek’ Reimplemented within Web Candidate
Change EC030_CODE_TYPE Additional modules have been added to the Code Types (EC030_CODE_TYPE) ‘Module’ field.
Change ER190_RDO_EQUAL ‘F1’ Context Sensitive Help can now be accessed from any area of the screen
Change EV636_TS_IMPORT Batch process enhanced to include 2 new Mode values on the parameter form

Business Rule Changes

Change Business Rule Description
Change 02817 Enhanced with an optional ‘Times span midnight’ field.

Database Model Changes

See the Core online help topic Version-Specific Model Changes for a full list of database model changes for all releases that contain model changes.

See the Aurion 11 Entity & Field Listing document for full details on Aurion tables and fields.


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