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Optimise how you store and organise your Aurion data to meet the unique needs of your organisation.

Our latest solution puts customers in control of how their data is collected, stored and organised providing them with unmatched flexibility in their HR and payroll eco-system. Extend offers full customisation for data fields, calculations and dashboards in a way that makes sense to customers. No software development required!

How Aurion Extend works

The following diagram illustrates how you can use Aurion Extend to create a data store to store and organise your Aurion data.

Start off with Aurion Core and Automations (BPAs) as the foundation and get the licence for Aurion Extend. Using your applicable automations and your specific business need, design and configure your own data store including how you capture, organise and interact with the data. Alternatively, our experts can do this for you. Your data store is securely and efficiently tested & deployed. Then your data store including any dashboards, form & fields, calculations or rulesets related to your data store Goes live and is ready for ongoing use!

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Terms & Conditions

*Aurion does not guarantee that Aurion Extend can interact with specific third-party tools.