2020 eLearning Roadmap and Delivery Plan

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Version Description Date
1.0 Initial version 16/12/2019


This roadmap discusses the planned implementation of eLearning features within Aurion Campus throughout 2020.

Campus is Aurion’s online learning delivery system that provides both customers and staff alike with access to relevant learning information, delivered when it is required at anytime and anyplace an internet connection is available.  Aurion understands that rapid advances in eLearning technology combined with an increasingly technology-savvy workplace means our eLearning offering will continue to improve far into 2020 and beyond, with our proposed roadmap evolving to meet those changing requirements.

Proposed New Features – Blended Learning

Blended Learning

Blended Learning is the combination of Aurion eLearning educational content combined with traditional face-to-face classroom delivery techniques.  It requires the physical presence of both trainer and student, with some elements of student control over time, place, path, or pace.

Aurion Trainers will be able to take full advantage of Aurion Campus material when delivering classroom-based training sessions.  This will ensure a standardised approach to training as well as providing a stable platform in which trainers can access all relevant learning material in one simple-to-use location, i.e. Lesson Plans, Hands-on course activities, Trainers Guide, Attendance sheets, etc.

The blended learning components will be gradually introduced throughout 2020.  Students will be able to track their learning progress from initial studies within a classroom-based environment led by an Aurion trainer, through to continual ongoing on-the-job self-study through the Aurion Campus system.

Proposed Delivery Plan

Aurion is committed to ensuring that our customers remain up-to-date with software developments through the use of eLearning course content delivery.  These eLearning courses will complement a wide range of topics across the entire Aurion product range.

All new and existing courses will be continually refreshed, remaining up-to-date with product software releases.  Continual ongoing improvement will also be performed on the existing range of Aurion eLearning content, including:

  • Aurion Coordinator
  • Aurion Core Essentials
  • Aurion Costing
  • Aurion Query Tool
  • Aurion Self Service Essentials
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Leave Essentials
  • Organisation and People
  • Payroll Essentials
  • Payroll Reconciliation
  • Preparing for Single Touch Payroll
  • Processing Single Touch Payroll
  • Sunsuper Beam
  • Termination Modelling and
  • Timekeeper Essentials.

In addition, new Aurion course topics will be introduced throughout the year, in line with Aurion’s software roadmap release cycle.

New course content within this category includes Seek API Integration and Variance reporting.  These courses will be produced once this functionality becomes available within the Aurion software package.


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